Fresh Start Ventures Tiny Living Program

Affordable Housing is an Attractive Option

Housing is the number one issue that many of our brothers and sisters and their families in Utah struggle with.
Tiny Homes are quickly becoming an attractive affordable option for many people. In Utah many cities are beginning to accept Tiny Homes as an accessory dwelling. The savings for homeowners to add an additional passive income onto their property is much lower than a typical basement or what is sometimes referred to as a mother in-law apartment. Tiny Home accessory dwellings in our communities are helping with the housing crunch. In addition, each FSV Tiny home purchased gives back by helping those in our community learn a trade and donates money to our mission.

Fresh Start Ventures works with those who are in the REAL Transition program to assist with the ownership of a Tiny Home. Fresh Start Ventures has a number of options for REAL Transition participants to become a FSV Tiny Homeowner. REAL Transition participants can earn their home through means of helping others own a home. We call this sweat equity. REAL Transition participants can also earn their home through the rent to own program. The homes will be located with a mentor family, or in another state that FSV is working with cities that accept smaller homes as a single home dwelling.

Fresh Start Mentor Family ADU Program

Announcing Fresh Start Ventures Mentor Family ADU Program. Fresh Start Ventures is the first program in the State of Utah to adopt this program.

Every person deserves a place of shelter. A safe place they can call home. At Fresh Start Ventures we believe that we need to connect with one another and that the key to changing one's life around is through healthy human connections. Fresh Start Ventures has created the Mentor Family ADU program. ADU stands for accessory dwelling unit. ADUs are 500 square feet or under homes for a single person or a small family. Through volunteers and donated materials, an ADU is built for a mentor family. Participants pay a rent on a sliding scale . After a length of time participants rent is then gifted to the participant as a downpayment for their own home. The ADU is gifted to the Mentor family as a "Thank you' for participating in the program.This program is available only to those who are participants in the Fresh Start Ventures REAL Transition program. 

Scholarships for Children

Your purchase of a Tiny Home helps to fund this program and pay for materials to house participants. In addition, every Tiny Home that is sold by Fresh Start contributes $1,000.00 towards our scholarship program that helps with education for the children of incarcerated individuals. If you are interested in participating in the REAL Transition program please refer to our REAL Transition page and join us.


Fresh Start Ventures Tiny Homes

This is not a trend and Tiny Homes are here to stay. With housing and utility costs on the rise Tiny Homes have become a smart choice in housing for many people in the United States and other nations. Tiny Homes are appealing to all walks of life. Whether you are a pet owner, a traveler, student, young married couple, retired couple, or small family a tiny home is suitable for your needs. Tiny homes offer owners the ability to own their living space at an affordable cost. The cost of a fully completed FSV Tiny Home is from $30,000-$70,000 compared to the average cost of single family home in Utah county of $ 250,000. In addition to the low cost of ownership; Tiny Homes save owners 80% or more in energy costs. In addition; we can make your Tiny Home mobile so that those who wish to live in warmer temperatures in the winter, or travel, can take their home with them. Fresh Start Ventures offers a variety of Tiny Home options. Whether you are looking for a home on wheels, or something that is a permanent option; Fresh Start Ventures can help you with your Tiny Home.


At Fresh Start Ventures our construction and business development teams have over 35 years of building experience. Fresh Start Ventures is giving hope to high-risk, previously incarcerated individuals looking to change their lives. Fresh Start Ventures Tiny Homes is located in Utah and provides construction service training for many individuals who are working to improve the lives of themselves and their families. In addition, Fresh Start Ventures Tiny Homes has partnered with Construction Services at Utah Department of Corrections. Inmates are working to help with housing for those who have completed REAL Transition. By working together and creating a team at FSV Tiny Homes we believe that individuals have the opportunity to change form a pattern of violence, addiction, and criminal behaviors to a peaceful life that will give purpose to their community. Your purchase of a Tiny Home helps our REAL Transition participants in their own housing needs.


What we Offer

A Beautiful Completed Home Plus

• Plans

• Space (A place to put the home)

• Financing Options

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